Your round on one of the oldest, most prestigious golf courses in the region benefited the CEO Breakthrough Fund at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The CEO Breakthrough Fund supports innovative patient care programs and research at CHOP, allowing us to quickly respond to the ever-changing needs of our patients and families.

Three recent projects supported by the CEO Breakthrough Fund include:

  • School Telehealth Program
  • Fostering Health Program
  • Salon Services Program

Technology Brings Doctor to School

School nurses have a new partner: CHOP. In a pilot program at a local school district, CHOP pediatricians are on call each school day for “telehealth” consults with students and school nurses. An earache. A rash. A headache. If a child comes to the nurse’s office with an ailment that warrants a doctor visit, the visit happens — then and there.

In telehealth, a doctor assesses patients without being physically present. In the school nurse’s office, the nurse, patient and doctor are connected by screen and voice — like a healthcare version of FaceTime or Skype, only much more secure. CHOP’s telehealth program is supported by the CEO Breakthrough Fund.

Fostering Health for Children

When children are removed from their homes and placed in foster care, the priority is providing a safety net. Unfortunately, many of these kids must leave things like clothes, toys and medicines behind.

To help foster families sort through the complicated medical and emotional issues often facing these children, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia created the Fostering Health Program, in which a team of clinicians work with caseworkers to ensure each child receives a comprehensive evaluation and is referred to specialists as needed.

A Patient, A Princess

Wearing a princess dress and crown, 5-year-old Wadeem peers at herself in a mirror at CHOP. The little girl from Saudi Arabia had a heart transplant last year and is awaiting diaphragm surgery, but today she’s in for a treat — a haircut from stylist Richard Cornish, an employee of CHOP’s Salon Services Program.

After 30 minutes, Wadeem’s hair is nicely trimmed, has a few colored streaks, and she and her mom can’t stop smiling. The Salon Services Program is just one of the breakthrough programs supported by philanthropy.