Your support of the Golf Classic benefits the CEO Breakthrough Fund at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). These funds bridge the gap between resources and innovation, allowing us to quickly respond to the ever-changing needs of our patients and families in real time. Most recently, the CEO Breakthrough Fund has been focused on powering CHOP’s COVID-19 response.

Children’s Hospital is truly on the front lines of the COVID-19 response, serving as a leader in the region and rising to the occasion in extraordinary ways to continue to serve our most vulnerable patients. During this time, CHOP remains innovative, resilient, and focused on family-centered, world-class care. CHOP re-engineered the way we deliver care, developed new processes and policies, and worked around the clock to meet challenges the healthcare system had never faced before.

Your support will help us expand our efforts such as the ones noted below.

Accurate, Compassionate Information

The Poison Control Center at CHOP partnered with the City of Philadelphia to open the Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline. The public, patient families and healthcare providers outside of CHOP have used this important community resource to receive guidance, with more than 15,000 calls coming in during the first three weeks.

Faster, Better Testing

Before most of America had even heard about COVID-19, CHOP scientists were working to develop a more accurate diagnostic test. CHOP was the first hospital lab in Pennsylvania to get federal government authorization to begin testing. Children’s Hospital has also led two drive-through testing sites for members of our community.

Reassuring Patients

To make hospital stays less scary and confusing for children, the all-donor-funded Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy team came to the rescue. They created a video showcasing masked staff members dancing to cheerful, comforting lyrics, facilitated Skype visits with celebrities such as Eagles coach Doug Pederson, made decorations and more, all to help patients, families and staff combat stress.

Serving the Most Vulnerable

The COVID-19 pandemic added additional stress to families already facing socioeconomic challenges. CHOP’s Healthier Together Initiative has partnered with the Philadelphia Housing Authority to provide 2,000 meals weekly to families. “This initiative addresses food access and affordability, which is a priority health issue in our community and has been exacerbated by the current COVID-19 pandemic,” says Alonzo South, senior director of Community Engagement at CHOP.

Providing World-Class Care Uninterrupted

Our physicians are caring for patients in new ways. CHOP’s Telehealth Program has experienced an enormous surge in activity as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first week of our COVID-19 response, CHOP conducted more visits via video than it had in the previous three years combined. We are now conducting roughly 8,000 telehealth visits each week.

Creating Breakthroughs for COVID-19 Patients

CHOP was the first hospital to successfully use donated plasma to treat a pediatric patient with COVID-19. We have received plasma donations from our employees and other adults who have recovered from COVID-19.